We breed Colourpoint Persian (Himalayan) kittens in Ireland. For our latest Kitten News click here.

Please enjoy the photos of our beautiful Persian cats and kittens, past and present. Ears, paws, face and tail may be apricot, ginger, seal-brown, chocolate, grey-blue, lilac or fourteen other colour variations, including tortoiseshell marblings and tabby patterns . Colourpoints (Himalayans) have soft, luxuriant fur and  full, feathery tails, an alert sapphire gaze and short button noses. They are relaxed and loving cats who show great loyalty to those they love. If life favours you with a Colourpoint Persian of your own to love and treasure, he or she will follow you to the ends of the earth…

Our breeding story

We have been in love with Colourpoint Persians since two balls of fluff joined our household all the way back in 1976. They were Solly and Alex. In 1992 love came again in the form of  Woodgrange brothers, Samson and Spartacus.

In 2000 we entered the show world with Kalafrana Orango Blase and Amoramist Coco Tabatha and bred our first Himalayan kitten in Co. Tipperary in 2002. She bore our Irish prefix and went on to become Irish Champion Slievenamon Coco Samantha.  Champion Slievenamon Ben Hur followed in 2003 shortly after we upped sticks to ‘Silverbow’ in Cornwall and changed our prefix to Sylvabow. Find out about the different colours of Colourpoint Persian (or Himalayan) cats as we take a trip down Memory Lane here.

Many prize-winning cats and contented kittens later, we are back in southern Ireland but have kept the Sylvabow name with all its happy memories of show successes, charismatic kittens and wonderful owners who have loved and cherished our cats down through the years. Thank you to them for letting us share photographs of our grown-up kittens here.

Our home-bred stud boy Sylvabow Solomon Seal is pictured above with his Best of Breed rosette at the Capital Longhair show. Come and see our full Sylvabow Persian kitten gallery here.

Meet the family

Meet our current family of beautiful Colourpoint Persian (Himalayan) cats here. Meanwhile here are links to some of our favourite breeders and clubs.

Show News

We are very proud of International Champion and Irish Grand Champion Sylvabow Burlington Bertie! He was hand-reared as a kitten and was very delicate but he has grown into a gorgeous gentle giant with excellent type. As well as achieving so much on the show bench he has just fathered his first kitten!


Louise at Sylvabow Colourpoints

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

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