Colourpoint Persian (Himalayan) kittens are delightful but rare and precious. They are looking for homes that can promise:

  • lots of love and attention (Colourpoints love companionship)
  • security (indoor home ideally or with a secure outdoor run)
  • play (kittens enjoy chasing balls and catching ‘fishing’ toys)
  • peace (kittens and cats need plenty of sleep)
  • top quality food (e.g. Royal Canin)
  • regular grooming
  • daily eye cleaning
  • neutering before 1 year of age
  • vet directed flea / worm preventative programme
  • annual booster vaccinations
  • prompt veterinary attention if or when needed
  • willingness to maintain contact with breeder for advice

If you are looking for a Colourpoint Persian (Himalayan) kitten to join your family, please ring or e-mail to enquire or to be placed on our waiting list.

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For advice on finding a pedigree kitten please see the GCCF and GCCFI websites.