Sylvabow Kitten Trio 2019

These little sweeties were born in 2019 to Irish Champion Amoramist Angelica Ray and Irish Champion Risetta Mister Pickwick.

All these exceptional kittens went to breeding and showing homes. We wish them all well for their careers!

Sylvabow Littleowl Agapanthus (Gus) was Best in Show Persian at both the Cork and Midland Shows before joining Christine and Sarah Caughey at the Hinchkitz cattery in Co. Down. He has sired some marvellous kittens and we are delighted to report that one of these, Hinchkitz Darlyn Miranda, has come back to live with us at Sylvabow. Here are some pictures of this gorgeous girl – we are besotted with her!

Meanwhile Sylvabow Brightstar Boris is enjoying lots of love and attention with Mareen Holden-Ritchie at the Amoramist cattery in Cornwall. He too has produced some lovely kittens with his tortoiseshell Persian girlfriend, Pixie! Here they are!

Our girl, Sylvabow Antigone Tortiepaws (Miss Daisy) has been having a terrific time with Val and all her new cat friends, also in Co. Down.