Meet the family

Grand Champion Risetta Mister Pickwick

Known at home as Samuel, our gorgeous boy is a Red Point Persian who carries chocolate.  He comes from a distinguished lineage of top show winning Persians from Ruth McCombes’ Risetta cattery in Co. Armagh.

Samuel was Best of Variety Persian at the Cork show in 2018 and earned his Champion title in Dublin in 2018. He achieved his Grand Champion title in Dublin in October 2022.

In 2019 Samuel’s first litter of three kittens were born to Irish Champion Amoramist Angelica Ray. Read more about their adventures here.

See pictures of Samuel’s subsequent kittens here  and in the kitten gallery.

Irish Champion Risetta Mister Pickwick (Samuel), our Red Point boy

Hibernian Grand Champion Amoramist Cornish Qween

Queenie is our highest-achieving show cat. She comes from Mareen Holden-Ritchie’s famous Amoramist cattery in Cornwall, where the 2000 UK Supreme Show winner Gr. Ch. Amoramist Who’s Gorgeous was bred. Queenie has sailed through every show earning her Champion, Grand Champion and Hibernian Grand Champion titles. She produced her first litter of kittens in October 2021 and had four more kittens in 2022. Queenie is a Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point Persian.

Hibernian Grand Champion Amoramist Cornish Qween

Amoramist Thistledown Thisbe

Thisbe came to us in 2019 and is a sister to Queenie. She is a wonderful mother and loves having kittens to look after. You can read about her lovely families of kittens here. Thisbe is a Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point Persian.

Amoramist Thistledown Thisbe

Hinchkitz Darlyn Miranda

In 2021 we are thrilled to welcome home one of Samuel’s grand-kittens, Hinchkitz Darlyn Miranda, a seal point bred by Christine and Sarah Caughey in Co. Down. Miranda’s parents are Sylvabow Littleowl Agapanthus and fabulous Latvian import girl, Star Rain Darlyn Dream. Miranda was Best of Variety Persian at the Supreme show in Dublin in 2022 and has two Challenge Certificates. Her show career was interrupted by the arrival of her first kittens, Sylvabow Amelia Jane and Sylvabow Sapphire Raphael, in September 2022.

Hinchkitz Darlyn Miranda

Amoramist Pom-Pom Jobiska

Later in 2021 we welcomed home another of Samuel’s grand-kittens, cream colourpoint-carrier girl, Amoramist Pom-Pom Jobiska. Jobiska’s parents are Sylvabow Brightstar Boris and tortoiseshell Persian, Amoramist Pretty Pixi. Jobiska gained two Challenge Certificates at the SABCCI / GCCFI joint show in Dublin in April 2023. Her life has been enriched by the arrival of her red colourpoint kitten, Sylvabow Firebird Anastasia, who is staying here to keep Mummy company.

Gr. Ch. and Int. Ch. Sylvabow Burlington Bertie

Bertie was born in December 2021 and was hand-reared. He had pneumonia as a tiny kitten and had two emergency admissions to the vets and was placed in an oxygen tent. He surprised us all by being a ‘Lazarus kitten’ and living to tell the tale each time. We wanted to keep an eye on his health so when his siblings left home he stayed here with us. We were also very attached to him after going through so much to save him. He has now grown into an extraordinarily good-looking and affectionate boy and in his show career since 2022 has achieved International Champion and Irish Grand Champion titles and has been Best of Variety Persian three times. He has also just fathered his first lovely kitten with Miranda. Bertie is a seal tabby point Persian.

Sylvabow Firebird Anastasia

Jobiska’s red point kitten Anastasia was born by Caesarian section in 2023. She seemed unlikely to survive at first but we kept her warm and hydrated and lo and behold, a few hours later we witnessed a miraculous resurrection! After such a difficult start we are not parting with her. She is staying here with us and will try her paw at the show bench. As an only kitten she is now having great fun playing with the younger kittens who have arrived to join her.

Sylvabow Cats at Play